Super Nintendo World Theme Park Looks Incredible in New Teaser

Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World May Exceed Our Wildest Nintendo Fantasies

Details have been quiet since it was announced in May 2015 that Universal Studios was planning to construct a Super Nintendo World amusement park. But if a new teaser is anything to go by, the Nintendo-themed attraction is going to be huge.

While it is still certainly a long way from completion, the below teaser — which appeared on Universal Studios Japan’s Twitter account — does present to us an early look as to what people can expect from the upcoming attraction when it opens in 2020 in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The trailer depicts everyone’s favourite plumber lead a family through the park while doing various Mario-esque things like collect coins, use green pipes, and dodge those pesky Piranha¬†Plants. There’s also a quick glimpse of the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser’s Castle in the background.

While Mario seems to be the focus of the trailer, it’s important to note that the name alone, Super Nintendo World, applies to all Nintendo characters. We’re hoping to see more characters from Nintendo’s acclaimed franchises as the park reaches its estimated 2020 release. The Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan will be the first to debut Super Nintendo World, with resorts in Florida and California to open shortly after.

Super Nintendo World

Construction has only just begun but it has already been confirmed that one of the rides will be centred on Super Mario Kart. What are your hopes and dreams for Super Nintendo World? Share your ideas on rides and attractions in the comments below.

SOURCE: Twitter