PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds Cross-Network Play Planned for the Future

Millions of More Gamers Stand Ready to Enter the Hit Shooter

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds is the smash hit multiplayer shooter for PC. Garnering much popularity with streamers and shooting to the top of the Steam charts, the game was announced for Xbox One during E3 2017. Now that we know it will be on multiple platforms, we are left to wonder whether or not there will be cross-network play.


In a recent interview with VG247, Executive Producer Chang Han Kim said there are plans in place to facilitate cross-network play. However, as in all shooters, there’s a major difference between playing with a mouse and a controller. In order to make gameplay fair, Bluehole has to tinker with the aim assist so that players may compete on level playing fields.

With 4 million players already on PC, Battlegrounds has the remarkable potential to accumulate one of the largest playerbases. The game hits Xbox One on November 17, 2017. No word yet on a PS4 release date, but we suspect that will come in due time.

What do you think about cross-network play for PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds? Does it sound like a game you might play with your friends? Let us know in the comments below.