Physical Copies of Broken Age Now (Sort Of) Available

Broken Age, Double Fine’s Coming-Of-Age Adventure, Now in Box Form

Limited Run Games has released their physical editions of Double Fine’s Broken Age. This one will be a perfect fit for that empty slot on your shelf full of adventure games.

Tim Schafer’s sci-fi tale of two interconnected worlds is now available for either PS4 or PS Vita for $29.99 USD. The game was widely praised for it’s incredible first act, though that second half earned some furrowed brows. Schafer has a rich history when it comes to adventure games. If you’ve played any of his previous titles, such as Grim Fandango, Costume Quest or the Monkey Island series, this one will be a soft sell. Broken Age also features some respectable voice talent, including Elijah Wood, Jennifer Hale and Jack Black. Whatever your thoughts on the other two actors, Elijah Wood has more or less mastered ‘befuddled young man in a bizarre world’ by this point in his career, so this seems like a pretty good fit.

The game will be available in, of course, limited quantities. Players on the fence about a purchase should know that only 12% of their PS Vita stock is still available, so act incredibly fast. As in, right now.

SOURCE: Press Release