Free Phantasy Star Online 2 DLC Released for Gravity Rush 2

Phantasy Star Online Fans Teased by New Gravity Rush 2 DLC, Still No PSO2 in the West

Gravity Rush 2 has only been out for a few weeks, but free DLC is already dropping. This week, PS4 players can download a number of free Phantasy Star Online 2 themed items, despite the fact that PSO2 has never seen the light of day in the west.

Gravity rush 2 Phantasy Star Online 2 DLC costume


Anyone who played the original Phantasy Star Online on the Nintendo Gamecube knows how addicting and fun PSO can be. Despite the success of Phantasy Star Online 2 in Asian markets, the game has not come out in North America or Europe since it was released over 4 and a half years ago. If you remember hearing rumors of PSO 2 coming to the west, that’s because Sega was initially planning a more global release. For some reason, the project was delayed and then forgotten. Even after Sega revamped PSO2 for PS4 there was nothing but the sound of crickets chirping when it came to the subject of a western release.

Gravity Rush 2 Top Screen

PSO2 may be frustratingly unavailable for us gamers in the western hemisphere, but at least we can kind of relive the glory days of PSO with this new Gravity Rush 2 DLC. Here’s what you get if you head over to the PlayStation Store and download the free add-on: (all items are Phantasy Star 2 themed and are labeled with a PSO2 prefix)

  • Crazy Kitten costume for Kat
  • Rappy photo item
  • Red Container photo item
  • Green Container photo item
  • Blue Container photo item
  • Yellow Container photo item

The best item is the new costume pictured at the beginning of this article. Even though the aerial gameplay of Gravity Rush is wildly different from the hack and slash adventure that is Phantasy Star Online, you can don Kat’s new costumeĀ and pretend for just a minute, that you’re inhabiting an alternate reality where Sega released PSO2 to global markets.