Game Release List for Nintendo Switch Leaked

Low Resolution Image of the Game Lineup for Nintendo Switch Leaked, Showing Plan for 2017

Rumors and leaks pertaining to the Nintendo Switch have been flying around like cows in the movie, Twister. Here is something new and pretty substantial though, a leaked image that shows the lineup for Nintendo Switch games at launch and into the coming months.

Nintendo Switch PS4

The document, pictured below, seems pretty legit. The terrible quality of the photo itself seems to tell a story of a surreptitiously taken snapshot, perhaps snagged by someone who was trying to pass their picture-taking off as twitter-checking. We must remember that something like this cannot be truly relied upon. It could just as easily have been faked. ¬†Nintendo will release official details on January 12th with a live event. With those formalities aside, let’s dig into this juicy bit of info!


Firstly, it looks like the release date of March 17th is confirmed by this spurious document. Secondly, launch games for the Switch will include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon Counterattack, Super Mario RPG: Rabbids Invasion, and Skyrim Remastered. Finally, we can see some other titles planned for release on the Switch later in 2017 including Minecraft, Super Smash Brothers, Dragon Quest, Pikmin, Just Dance, NBA and FIFA.

It would be awesome to see Breath of the Wild as an official launch game, especially after all the rumors that the game would miss the initial release of the Switch. Though this list could be far from complete, seeing some Nintendo staples like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers next to third party games like Skyrim and NBA 2K17 definitely looks nice and should give Nintendo fans some warm fuzzy feelings. It is also nice to see these third party games announced on this list, as we know that the Switch is supposed to have some issues porting games from the current generation of systems.

Nintendo Switch PS4 comparison

Yes, resolution of this image is awful and the information is only partially there at best, but sometimes that’s as good as it gets with a leak. Try not to lose too much sleep speculating about the launch of the Nintendo Switch because by this time next week, we should all be on the same page after Nintendo’s official Switch event!