PS4 has Doubled the Sales of Xbox One, Research Firm Reports

Will the Xbox One Ever Catch up to PlayStation 4?

Our current generation of console gaming has seen highs and lows for Xbox. Apparently, the PlayStation 4 experience is full of highs. Recently revealed estimates say PlayStation 4 has more than doubled the amount of Xbox One sales in its life-span. We learned this from SuperData, the market research firm compiling all available data on console movement. According to them, Sony as sold 55 million units compared to Microsoft’s 26 million.

PS4 vs Xbox One

While Microsoft has not revealed its sales numbers, Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad, one of our favorite analysts, supplemented the information with his estimation charts. Even independently, the numbers came around the same estimation.

We have learned that Ahmad used “both public and private data to work out total sales […] to work out absolute minimums.” Basically, taking the information presented and working out the variable numbers within a safe margin.

Following December 6th, Sony was happy to deliver news of blasting past 50 million console sales. While 2016 represented a ‘good year’ by Microsoft’s account, topping consecutive months in sales, PlayStation 4 still led more months and topped the year with recording-breaking numbers on Black Friday. So the information is lining up.

october game releases Xbox One PS4

Who knows when, or if, we’ll get a sales update from Microsoft, but these estimates actually seem like they could be right on the money. What do you think? Comment your thoughts down below and keep updated on the latest with COGconnected. Happy gaming.