PlayStation VR Restock Date Announced- Exclusive Pre-Sale in Europe

Sony Announces PlayStation VR Restock Date as Well as an Amazon Prime Exclusive Pre-Sale in Europe

To kick off the new year, UK-based retailers have started announcing when they are expecting to reel in the new wave of Sony PSVR headsets. The PlayStation VR restock dates are exciting news to virtual reality fans, since the headset has been in high demand and short supply since its release date in October.

Take the leading British supermarket Tesco for example. They’ve updated their online catalog announcing that the PSVR sets will be readily available beginning January 31st. Shopto is also guaranteeing to have the set in by the end of the month. On the other hand, Amazon UK has sent a wave of e-mails to customers letting them know that they can begin expecting the headset to come in at any point between January 31st and February 15th. Unless you’re an Amazon Prime customer, that is. If you are, you could be seeing PSVR come in within the next couple of weeks.

playstation vr restock

The Spanish extension of Amazon will be hosting an exclusive pre-sale for PSVR, which will only be available to their Prime subscribers. The pre-sale begins with a limited stock coming into the online store on January 6th.

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