Harry Potter LEGO Dimensions- Hermione and Buckbeak Coming Soon

Hermione and Buckbeak Coming Soon for the Harry Potter LEGO Dimensions Fans out There

Warner Bros gave fans of Harry Potter LEGO Dimensions something to look forward to this year when they started showing off the upcoming Harry Potter Fun Pack, which includes a Hermione Granger minifigure and a totally adorable buildable Buckbeak mount. At this weekend’s Harry Potter Celebration, we got to see what the lovely main protagonist Hermione and Buckbeak, Hagrid’s infamous Hippogriff that became a beloved icon and friend in Prisoner of Azkaban, would officially look like. Take a look at their reveal trailer below!

Her Intelligence abilities add to the magical world, and she grants access to the Harry Potter Adventure World, just like Harry and Voldemort do.¬†Although no release date has been stated for the Harry Potter Fun Pack, the trailer says we’ll be able to get our hands on the new goodies in Spring.

Harry Potter LEGO Dimensions