Open World Conan Exiles Will Have Tons of Server Options and Full Mod Support

Funcom Reveals Server Functionality, Customization Options, and Mod Support for Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an ambitious, open-world survival game that lets you test your mettle against opposing barbarian clans as well as the unforgiving landscape of Conan’s world. If you haven’t caught up on this game by Funcom, check out our coverage here. Today, the game developers announced how the server system will work in Conan Exiles, how you can customize your gameplay experience, and that there will be official mod support for the game.

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Conan Exiles will have a few different ways to play based on what server you want to use. If you want to play with just your buddies, you will be able to host an entirely local game, within a closed server, with just those friends you want to invite. If you want a more traditional online experience, there will be official servers hosted by Funcom that you can log into and get to building and pillaging against a host of randos. Online play will also be available through private servers, so if you just want to co-op or duel with a friend that lives across the globe, you absolutely can!

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If you are not in an officially hosted server, Conan Exiles gives you complete control over a ton of in game options and mechanics. The number of customization options is staggering. The server control system will let the admin toggle, “PvP, turn off avatars, disable the sandstorm, choose what players lose when they die, control the day/night cycle, resource yield, and much more.” Not only that, but Funcom promises that the vast majority of these changes will immediately take effect once selected without even having to reboot the server. Server admins will also be able to spawn any item/ weapon/ building material in the game, teleport around the map, and toggle god mode.


As if all these built-in options weren’t enough, Funcom also announced that Conan Exiles will have full official mod support on PC. From the moment the early access version drops on January 31, 2017 – players will have access to all the modding tools they could ever want through the unreal engine. And you can bet we will see some cool mods for this game pretty quick, as Conan Exiles already has all the built-in customization that usually takes a game a few waves of mods to achieve! Unfortunately, Xbox users will have to wait a short while to find out how the servers will work on Xbox One, but Funcom says we will hear more in Spring of 2017.

Source: press release