Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets Gorgeous New Trailer at PSX 2016

Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets New Trailer at PSX

We here at COGconnected are pretty pumped up for Horizon: Zero Dawn. It is going to be a massive game and several weeks ago we reported how the game will be four times as complex and huge as any Killzone game has been. Everything we have seen has been positive and in October we shared nearly 40 minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay. In the video you can see the combat in action along with some of the stunning environments. Today during PSX 2016, Guerrilla Games released a new trailer for its upcoming game Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon PlayStation 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to release exclusively for PS4 on February 28th.

Below, you can check out the new trailer:

Guerrilla Games has already said: “It’s a monster of a project. I mean, in terms of the number of features it’s probably four times as complex and huge as any Killzone game has been. The challenge for us is that it’s a bigger game but it’s also a new IP, so all the game rules will have to be established. Then it’s a new genre for the studio, so as a studio we had to actually hire entire new disciplines. We didn’t have a quest team, for example. On the technical side, this project has probably been the most challenging so far, because of the open world. I mean, it’s a huge accomplishment the fact that we get that much detail on the screen and it’s that vast a world for you to explore.”