Destiny Holiday Event “The Dawning” Revealed at the PSX

Destiny Holiday Event Available Soon!

Destiny is switching it up again as announced at PSX. The newest Destiny event, The Dawning, is bringing Christmas to your living room! The event starts on December 13th and will run until January 3rd. Guardians rejoice!

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You will get to celebrate Christmas over the holiday season, with adorning decorations all over the town and a new wearable head, much like the pumpkin or the tiger masks of Halloween. These heads are what looks like an ice helmet, as well as a snowman head!

Sparrow racing is back, with an assortment of new sparrows available to buy, in different styles and colours. Strike scoring will be available as well, helping you rank up and earn more points. New quests, weapons and gear will also be available during the event as well! And boy do some look fantastic. The event offers more in the way of customization with new shaders and emblems too!

Playstation users will get exclusive content, although no news was released on what exactly that might mean. Anyone else excited to see all that will be available?

Source: PSX