Konami Halts Indie Production of Castlevania Remake, but It’s Not Over

Latest Developer Decease and Desist Order Leaves Castlevania Remake in Question

In case it slipped under the radar, a fan remake of Castlevania has been in the works; The original 1986 version, to be specific. Unfortunately, Konami has officially issued a cease and desist against the independent developer who was utilizing Unreal Engine for the remake.

Castlevania Remake Receives Decease and Desist

As of right now, however, the independent creator is looking for ways to obtain a license.  Dejawolf is his name, and the silver lining in all this is that he wasn’t forced to delete all files. But, what is worth noting about this particular event is how video game developers react to remakes of their properties. And each response definitely varies.

Many of us, if not most of us, are aware of fan remakes and their small shelf life. This is especially true of fans who want to redeliver anything Nintendo. Pokemon Uranium and Metroid 2 are such examples of how desperately we seek to re-experience titles, yet get shut down.  But Nintendo may represent the extreme end of the spectrum, with over 500 projects shut down by them in 2016 according to Gamejolt.

Ultimately, developers and their treatment of independent remakes can depend on their relationship with fans. Because let’s face it, the external developers are essentially fans. In many ways, they are White Hats undoing the cob webs covering our nostalgic games. And as stated, developers’ treatment of remakes may vary, with some being so lenient as to let external developers commercialize unlicensed copies. Valve is one such example, allowing Black Mesa to remake Half-Life without fuss, according to James Batchelor, Senior Editor at Gamesindustry.biz

Since Konami hasn’t forced Dejawolf to delete his files, there’s small hope of a Castlevania remake seeing the light of day. Everything may rest on Konami’s amicability toward fans and the developer.

Would you like to see Castlevania remake? Hop in the comments and let us know. And feel please free to put your two cents on independent developers and remakes.

SOURCE: gamesindustry.biz