New Evolve Character “Electro Griffin” is Now Live, He Uses A Sonic Disruptor Harpoon Gun

New Evolve Hunter Ready to Unlock

2K and Turtle Rock Studios today announced that Electro Griffin, an exciting new variation on the original sound-spike wielding, monster-harpooning Hunter, is now available for Evolve Stage 2.

Watch as box office star, Roger Brown takes on the role of Electro Griffin, bringing his heroic theatrics from the big screen to the planet Shear in his greatest role to date.

Armed with an all-new arsenal of shocking weapons, including:

  • The Laser Storm – Infused with electro neuron dampening plasma, this SMG will slow the movement of anything it touches.
  • The Final Lockdown – Bursting with sonic disrupter energy; this harpoon gun will damage and restrain the movement of its targets.
  • The Electro Suit – Allows the use of Electro Griffin’s full movement speed while firing for unprecedented combat mobility.


For complete details on Electro Griffin, visit the Evolve blog at:

Earlier this month, we told you how FPS game Evolve went completely free on PC and saw an almost immediate boost in its player numbers. Then 2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced that Evolve: Stage 2 has added one million new players since then.

Source: Press Release