Golden Axe Inspired Side-Scrolling RPG ‘Moonfall’ Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Moonfall, Bringing Back the Glory of Golden Axe

Golden Axe brings back fond memories for many (old) gamers. Memories of dropping quarter after quarter into arcade cabinets just to keep going a wee bit further. The development team at Fishcow wants to keep that side-scrolling RPG goodness alive and well in its upcoming game, Moonfall. Hand painted 2D action RPG goodness set in a dark industrial gothic world where the age of Enlightenment never came.

Moonfall Screen Top

Will you change the outcome of a war between a mighty empire and wild savages? In order to succeed, you must take advantage of your skills powered by the Moon itself and unleash your full potential against hordes of cunning enemies. Challenging boss-fights will force you to utilize everything at your disposal.

It’s dangerous to go alone. Team up with your friends in co-op campaign and make use of your unique abilities to achieve victory together. Or maybe you prefer to walk the road as a lone wolf? Challenge real players in arenas and other modes, climb the ladder of death to prove your worth!

Moonfall is coming to PC, Mac, Linux and consoles in 2017.