Seven: The Days Long Gone Debut Trailer – Thief Inspired, Isometric RPG Badassery

Parkour, Fisticuffs and Stealth; This is Seven: The Days Long Gone

Alright, we’re not even sure if badassery is a real word or not (spell check says it isn’t), but does that even matter? The debut trailer for Seven: The Days Long Gone has dropped and this game looks unbelievably cool in action. From the post-apocalyptic styled setting to the polished graphics this is one to keep an eye on. Coming to PC, Seven: The Days Long Gone is a 3D isometric stealth RPG in which you take on the role of master thief, Teriel. You’ll explore the vast non-linear, sandbox world of Peh Island, part of the Vetrall Empire.

In Seven, classic isometric gameplay is being redefined. Fool’s Theory have created a parkour climbing system that gives you the ability to traverse freely, in both horizontal and vertical fashions of any size, height, or variety.

Teriel’s journey takes place in a “beyond post-apocalyptic” environment where life has reset and civilization has begun again. Difficult moral choices will paint the road of your play experience, leading to unforeseen consequences along the way.

Seven: The Days Long Gone Top Screen