Fragments of Him, Coming May 3rd to PC, Confronts the Pain of Love and Loss

Fragments of Him is a truly unique narrative game that tackles a serious and important topic

Dutch studio Sassybot’s upcoming title, Fragments of Him, takes players to places they haven’t been to much before in games – uncomfortable places, where the cold hard realities of death and loss of a loved one intrude on the usual wish-fulfillment fantasies we expect in most video games. But while this interactive drama concerns overcoming grief, the game aims to deliver an uplifting experience about the value of opening your heart to others as well.

Fragments of Him follows the aftermath of Will’s sudden death, and how the lives of those close to him are affected by this loss. In the story-driven experience, players walk alongside Will in the final moments of his life as well as through the memories of people who loved him.

The game features stories from the lives of Will’s boyfriend Harry, who returns to an empty apartment filled with reminders of Will; Sarah, his ex-girlfriend who later became a good friend to the couple; and Mary, his grandmother feeling alone and betrayed by a society she barely recognises. The player moves through the world in the first-person, but directs the story from outside of the protagonists, creating a unique ‘second-person’ feel to the experience.

Fragments of him

“We have been on an amazing journey since we started development at a game jam more than three years ago, and it is wonderful that players will soon be able to experience our story”, says Elwin Verploegen of Sassybot. “We are regularly overwhelmed by how our audience is moved by the game, and how they appreciate a title combining emotional honesty on a difficult topic with such an uplifting ending.”

Fragments of Him will launch on Steam (PC) for $19.99. The Xbox One version will be following shortly, with a PS4 release later in the year. For more info, check out their webpage here.

SOURCE: Press Release