Fable Legends Might Not Be Dead Yet

Fable Legends HERO

It looks like there may be life to the cancelled Fable Legends from now defunct Lionhead Studios. Three sources at the studio told a UK gaming outlet that there are discussions going on which could ultimately save the free-to-play RPG. There’s no doubt that this can be squarely logged into the rumours category it will be interesting to follow. The thought of any studio going down is a sad one, but in the case of Lionhead it’s one of the more storied studios of our times.

While there are no specific offers being looked at to save the game or the studio exactly it seems as if the staff members (or what’s left of them) are being surveyed to see if they’d like to continue working on the project. Also on offer is their termination packages that would see the leftover employees close up shop for good at the end of this month. Apparently this is all part of an ongoing consultation process from Microsoft. Of course many of the original staff from Lionhead who were working on the project as freelancers have long since left but the employees who were contracted to the studio are still technically dutifully employed.

One source had said that all this comes about from one specific proposal that saw certain Lionhead employees looking at the possibility of taking Fable Legends the route of independence.

When asked, a Microsoft spokesperson gave a very by the book response that quite literaly gives nothing new away, “We aren’t sharing additional details beyond that we have ceased development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees at Lionhead about our proposed closure of the studio as well.”