PlayStation 4.5? Sony Reportedly Working on Faster, 4K PS4

With talk that Microsoft is planning an upgraded Xbox One, reports are now circulating that Sony is also working on a refresh of the PS4, unofficially being called the PlayStation 4.5. Talk is that the GPU hardware boost will be necessary to support the new PlayStation VR and enable 4K output in new games.

playstation 4.5

No word yet on whether this will be a completely new PS4 console that existing owners will have to buy, or it will be an add-on unit that can be plugged into a regular PS4. It seems like an inevitable move for Sony, though, as it not ony looks to the VR future, but also faces increasing competition from gaming PCs, which have become a more viable gaming option with livingroom-friendly innovations like Steam and controller support.

Sony would not give any more details other than these at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more about the launch and price plans for Sony’s (and Xbox One’s) new upgraded consoles.