Upcoming Destiny Patch Details Revealed

Bungie has released a preview of the upcoming Destiny update, “Destiny Weapon Tuning 2.0.” It will address weapon balance issues, especially ones identified by community members.

The changes in summary are as follows:

Base and exotic weapons will be tweaked. Hand cannons and shotguns will be nerfed in their long range effectiveness, while auto and scout rifles will be more effective. Some unpopular exotic weapons, like Nechrochasm and Hard Light, will be tweaked to increase player interest, while popular ones like Thorn and Gjallarhorn will be nerfed for balance.

Also coming are a bunch of changes to base stats and stat perks. Various weapon types will see a nerf to their primary effectiveness stat. For example, auto rifles have less base stability, shotguns have less base range. However, this change is only for the new weapons added along with The Taken King.

Changes to stat perks, though, are retroactive. Buffs received from stat perks will see a reduction in effectiveness, but Bungie will offer a number of new buffs in exchange. The intent with stat perks is for players to specialize a weapon for a particular stat at a cost, as opposed to further buffing a weapon that’s already well-rounded.

See the full set of Patch details, directly from Bungie, here.  The patch and The Taken King are both set to release on September 15th.