Gorgeous Steampunk Adventure Syberia III To Be Shown at Gamescom

Microïds is about to unveil the first sequences of Syberia 3, as well as the first musical themes composed by Inon Zur during Gamescom, Europe’s premier video game exhibit. The game is being developed on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

Still guided by its author and artistic director, Benoit Sokal, the third episode of Kate Walker’s journey takes place adrift on a makeshift craft. By chance, the youkol caravan that she had come across in Syberia 2 finds her before she passes away.

Determined to run away from their common enemy, Kate decides to help the nomads with their ancestral singular tradition: accompany the snow ostriches transhumance to the sacred steppes to breed.

This adventure through charming scenery and a devastated city will take the young heroine on an dangerous journey with many enemies hot on their heels.

As the 2015 Gamescom exhibit arrives, Syberia 3 will unveil a bit more with a few new screenshots from the current version in development.

For the first time in full 3D, Syberia 3 has been created with gameplay mechanics meant for PC and for new generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), so that players can enjoy greater freedom to explore the wonderful scenery and cities in the game.

The first tracks from Syberia 3 will be played during the  Video Games Live concerts on August 7,8 and 9 (evenings) during the Gamescom exhibit. Composer Inon Zur (Fallout 3 & 4, Dragon Age) will be on stage at the official opening to present his new creations.

“Syberia 3” is due to be released in 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

SOURCE:  Microïds Press Release