PlayStation Home is Done and ‘neotopia’ is Hoping to Take its Place on the PS4

Announcing neotopia, a new virtual world for PlayStation 4; an ever-evolving online space where you can meet, interact, play and share – a next-generation blend between the world of games and social media.

Free from the get-go, neotopia offers a rich and expansive social environment, brought to life with Unreal Engine 4 and the power of the PlayStation 4. Denizens of neotopia will create and customize an avatar – their conduit to this virtual world. There will be public spaces to explore, people to meet, events to attend and activities to get involved in. As well as this, the world will offer real estate to its inhabitants, featuring a range of private apartments, which can be redecorated, shared with friends and rated.

neotopia’s vision is to bring together like-minded people who can interact, build, share and play. A world where new friendships can be made, and old ones nurtured – in any setting of your choice. A world with everything from idyllic beaches to mountain peaks, from Medieval castles to shining metropolis’ of the future.

“We’ve had the idea of a new virtual world in our heads for some time,” said Dave Dow, Creative Director at madmunki, “and now seems like the perfect time to make it a reality.”

neotopia is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the required funds to bring this new virtual world to life. Backers can get their foot in the door early, claiming citizenship rights and residency ahead of release.

Kickstarter and funding dependant, neotopia aims to be in limited beta by April 15, 2015.