Microsoft Looks to Acquire Mojang

It seems that Microsoft has targeted Minecraft developer, Mojang, for acquisition. Since Minecraft first burst on to the scene, the game has been a runaway success with it being ported to virtually everything including, most recently, the PS4 and XBox One. It’s of little surprise then that someone like Microsoft has taken a take over interest in the company which would cost roughly $2 billion.

First reported on by the Wall Street Journal, this story has, obviously, come with its fair share of rumor and hearsay. Insiders have claimed that the deal was brokered a few months ago when Minecraft principal developer, Markus Persson, reached to Microsoft after having a positive experience bring the game to the XBox. Persson is also rumored to leave his position if the deal goes through. While still unconfirmed, the deal seems to be legitimate with so many business sources backing the story.

While the future of Minecraft remains in the air, Sony has stated that they are ‘excited’ to have Minecraft on PS3 and PS4 with a Vita version still on the way. You can read the full story here.