Full Control Announces ‘Jagged Alliance: Flashback’ Official Launch Date & Releases New ‘Tactical Overload’ Update in Early Access Today

Today Full Control announced the official launch date for Jagged Alliance: Flashback as October 21st, 2014. This news comes bundled with the new Tactical Overload update for the game in Early Access, which enhances the game’s tactical combat. Currently in Early Access on Steam, Jagged Alliance: Flashback is the newest game to be released in the popular Jagged Alliance franchise and features deep turn-based tactics with role-playing elements and squad management.

You can also view their newest developer diary video below for a bit more insight:

Also, for those wondering about the update, Jagged Alliance: Flashback Tactical Overload update features:

  • Melee Combat
  • Stealth & Hearing System
  • Quickslots
  • Interrupts & View Cones
  • UI Overhaul
  • New Mercenaries & new Sectors