Victorious Gaming’s League of Legends Tournaments Expands to Europe

Victorious Gaming is pleased to announce the addition of European events to its highly successful League of Legends tournament program. Victorious Gamings first EU West tournament is Saturday 6/23 at 4pm Central European time.This expansion to the European market comes seven months after the launch of Victorious Gaming’s prized events for League of Legends North American market which engaged 25,000 participants in the last 30 days.

Victorious Gaming is a community-driven organization that was co-founded in November 2013 by Scott “Elder Dreams” Miller and Kevin “Erebus” Wallace. Both Miller and Wallace have a long history in community development and event hosting. As fans of League of Legends and unhappy with the laser focus on high skill level tournaments, they started a small hobby project which is now one of eSports’ largest tournament platforms with a mission to provide “eSports for Everyone”.

Rather than focus on traditional team based tournaments, Miller and Wallace created a novel approach to tournament creation. The Victorious Gaming tournament system matches players based on their skill level. Combine this with multiple simultaneous tournaments and players of every skill level are able to compete in tournaments that are traditionally only available to the top 1% of players.

Victorious Gaming’s first EU West tournament will take place on Saturday June 28th at 4:00PM CET (Central European Time) with a prize pool of 160,000 Riot Points (in-game currency) and 20 Triumphant Ryze Skins.

Victorious Gaming also hosts daily tournaments for the North American League of Legends audience with 200,000 Riot Points (in-game) currency and 25 Triumphant Ryze Skins.