Sony’s First Party Studios: Amazing Games, One Glaring Problem

PlayStation 4’s Problem with Repetitive First Party AAA Exclusives

One of the greatest deciding factors in your decision for buying a console will ultimately come down to what it has to offer that the competition does not. Looking at the technical aspects of each console, there isn’t too much of a difference to base the decision on. What it does ultimately boil down to are the exclusive titles in each consoles library of games. Sometimes a single property can be enough to sway a gamer to a console because they simply cannot find that experience anywhere else. But what happens when a console doubles down on its success, creating games that all look and play the same in the hopes of recreating the magic? We take a look at some of the most popular AAA exclusives for the PlayStation 4 to see the problem first party exclusive titles can present. Check out the video below:

By no means do we discount the fact that PlayStation 4 has several other incredibly popular exclusives that break this mold, but what we want to draw your attention to is the AAA first party studios who are taking the same genre and style and slapping a new paint job on it. Does that mean these games are any less spectacular? No, but what it does mean is that gamers looking for a different AAA experience will be turning their attention elsewhere. Sony – for the moment – has painted itself into a corner, but as long as these 3rd person over-the-shoulder exclusives keep selling, Sony will keep painting before the last coat is even dry.

god of war combat E3 2017 Crowd Reactions PS4 Exclusive Title God of War God of War

What probably makes this realization sting a little more is the fact it was only in the last console generation that Sony had given us a variety of AAA exclusives, and now it seems they are falling on indie studios to fill in the gaps. For as much fun as it will be to try and survive in Days Gone and destroy denizens of Norse Mythology in God of War, Sony needs to remind fans that they’re able to produce high caliber games of all genres. Take a few chances, Sony, you are bound to create something great.

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