Eagle Eye Converter for the PS3 Review

PC gamers have long since considered gaming with a mouse and keyboard to be a far more accurate and far more enjoyable of an experience.  Many gamers, including myself, have come to recognize that the aiming, precision and the fluidness of the mouse and keyboard are difficult to match with your typical console controllers. Up until recently, I have not had the opportunity to play my PlayStation 3 (PS3) games with a mouse and keyboard.  That is until now.  Following the success of the Eagle Eye Converter in the United States, Eagle Eye is now available at stores across Canada and we at Canadian Online Gamers had the opportunity to check out Penguin United’s converter which converts any standard USB HID keyboard and mouse into a turbo charged controller for the PS3 video game console.

When the Eagle Eye package arrived at my home office I was stunned with how small the package was.  I was expecting a much larger unit that would take up a good chunk of space in my quasi-home theater gaming set-up.  This was not the case as the Eagle Eye comes in the form of a small black and silver box which is just a bit larger than a package of Canadian smokes.  A 13-foot USB cable comes attached to the unit, which plugs directly into your PS3.  I was somewhat taken back by the length of the cable; however, a long cable is always beneficial as many set-ups require a cable which spans across rather large rooms.

The Eagle Eye converter has two USB slots.  On the top the converter I noticed a customized mapping switch which allows for seamless transfers of the command data from your keyboard and mouse. There are also some turbo buttons options for Y, B, A, RB, RT, LB, and LT buttons.  These too are located at the top of the converter.

Setting up the Eagle Eye was accomplished with ease.  The unit comes with easy to read instructions and a small disk which includes the software for all your mapping needs.  I had difficulty connecting my Logitech mouse but after I switched and used an older Microsoft mouse I experienced no further problems.   The Eagle Eye converts most standard USB HID Keyboard and Mice into a PS3 Controller; however, you should make sure your mouse and keyboard are compatible before you make the $59.99 plunge.  Otherwise that this, you should have no difficulty setting up the device.

According to the material I received from Penguin United, the Eagle Eye has been updated with an Advanced Calibration Function that provides customized mouse speed, smoothness and synchronization. The Advance Calibration Function is performed during the game to optimize the mouse movement to each specific title.  The Advance Calibration has built-in calibration assistance that helps the user find the optimal setting for each game with ease. There are 3 components of the Advanced Calibration Function: Sensitivity Adjustment which manages the overall speed of the mouse movement; Dead Zone Neutralization that improves the smoothness of the mouse’s movements, particularly during moments requiring micro-movements such as zooming in on a target; and Synchronization that allows downloading and backup of new optimized mouse movements to your PC which can be shared with friends or a gaming community.

So how does the Eagle Eye perform?  Overall, it performed better than I expected.  I played Killzone 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops with the Mouse and Keyboard set-up.  I was amazed at the precision and fluid the movement.  Turning 180 degrees is accomplished with ease and something that a controller simply cannot match.  I did notice a small amount of lag with the movement of the mouse, but it was hardly noticeable and something I quickly adjusted to.  The movements were very sensitive and the pinpoint accuracy was very stunning.  I can easily see how PC gamers would be able to gain a significant advantage over console gamers once they have mastered the controls of the mouse and keyboard.  You simply play with greater dexterity, accuracy and speed than with a standard PS3 controller.  I had to adjust the sensitivity with both games; but after some tweaking I found the optimal setting that made for some pretty smooth gaming.

Some would argue the Eagle Eye gives many gamers an unfair advantage over console controllers.  It really makes me wonder if this is why we don’t see such devices on the Xbox 360 as Microsoft wants an even playing field.  Regardless, this may very well be the case but there is nothing stopping those naysayers from picking up the Eagle Eye themselves and start mastering the ways of the mouse and keyboard approach.

The Eagle Eye is compatible with all PS3 games so there is no fear of not being able to play your favorite title with the mouse and keyboard set-up.  It is also compatible with all PS3 console versions and is future proofed as there are  firmware upgrades.  It also has programmable macro functions to turn any single key into a combination of moves.

For those who have never played games with a mouse and keyboard then you can expect a huge learning curve, and frankly the Eagle Eye may not be for you, but you just never know, maybe the accuracy and control options will be ‘your cup of tea.  That being said, if you are an experienced PC gamer who owns a PS3 and is well accustomed to gaming with a keyboard and mouse, then what are you waiting for?  Eagle Eye is a product you can purchase with confidence.

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