The Big 7 – September’s Biggest Games


The last few months have been slim pickings when it comes to new releases but we still managed to throw together the Big 5 with some great products. Now the tide has shifted and the thought of narrowing everything down to only five games is near impossible. Now we bring you the Big 7! Who knows what October will look like… a few more than 7 I have a feeling. Here are seven of the biggest games hitting consoles and PC this month.

The Sims 4 (PC)

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Sims game hit PC as The Sims 3 was released way back in 2009. 2014 brings us the latest in the life simulator series (because why live life for real when you can make digital girlfriends in your Mom’s basement right?) and it’s coming with a fair amount of buzz. Create your sim and experience some of the new features like multi-tasking and sim ‘moodlets’ which makes your sim react accordingly to their mood when in action. Example: ANGRY SIMS DO ANGRY PUSHUPS! Available right now for your PC. Go on… live out your digital dreams!

NHL 15 (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4)

The NHL makes its debut on eighth gen consoles this coming September 9th and like a good beer swillin’, poutine eatin’, ice fishin’, hockey lovin’ Canadian I’m pretty excited to see it happen. Many gamers were upset to find out that NHL 14 wasn’t going to make the next-gen leap when it was released last year. Looking better than ever some of the new features gamers can expect are better collision and puck physics, dynamic cloth (ooooh, pretty), new commentary, and the NBC Sports Game Day Presentation (which pales in comparison to Hockey Night in Canada eh!). Come on you hosers, pick up your stick and hit the ice!

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes  (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, PC, PS Vita)

Disney is really taking advantage of its purchase of the Marvel Universe and putting it to work in their already fantastic Disney Infinity game. Starting with the Avengers and introducing many more of Marvel’s heroes and villains along the way this is a must buy if you’ve got kids… or if you’re a huge nerd (like me)! An enhanced and improved Toy Box, story written by Brian Michael Bendis, and new skill trees for character development are just a few of the improvements you’ll see in Disney Infinity 2.0. The game releases this September 19th and all I want to know is this… when does the Guardians of the Galaxy playset come out? I AM GROOT.

FIFA 15 (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC)

Running on EA’s Ignite engine the 2015 edition of the biggest sport on the planet (Sorry Madden fans, it’s just a fact) hits retail on September 23rd. Featuring more cover athletes you can count (Lionel Messi and Clint Dempsey here in North America) it’s sure to sell like bananas to football fans worldwide. Get all your footie needs taken care of minus the paid off refs and back door dealings of real life FIFA (feature for FIFA 16 perhaps)… fake injuries also included! New features include Emotional Intelligence, Dynamic Match Presentation and completely rewritten goalkeepers.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC)

Time to get your next-gen Lord of the Rings fix in the latest action RPG from Warner Bros. Taking place in between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy players take on the role of Talion, a ranger of Gondor. Talion and  his family have been killed by Sauron’s armies and Talion himself revived with ‘wraith-like abilities’. When your family has been murdered and you’ve been brought back from the dead what is the next natural course of action? March headfirst into Mordor and get yourself some revenge! Featuring the talents of Troy Baker as Talion, RPG enthusiasts set out for Mordor on September 30th.

Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Xbox gamers are back at the ‘Horizon Festival’, this time being held in Southern Europe, with three times more drivable area than their last outing and with over 200 cars at their disposal. Featuring a dynamic weather system players can race at anytime through the day or night while they explore everything Southern France and Norther Italy has to offer. With online ‘car meets’ and Bucket List challenges for each country there’s a lot to keep racers busy for a long time when Forza Horizon 2 drops on September 30th.

Destiny (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4)

We’ve definitely saved the biggest of the upcoming releases for last. With hype unmatched by any other game coming out this month Destiny is poised to be the biggest release of the month without a doubt. Leaving the nest of Microsoft and Halo, the fine folks at Bungie deliver this FPS/RPG/MMO hybrid to eager gamers worldwide on the ninth of the month (as if you weren’t already counting the minutes). After a hugely successful Beta that had over 6 million players testing the waters of Destiny on the moon and on Earth there is question if this is the beginning of the new king of shooters. Can Destiny take the CoD crown? Only time will tell but early impressions of Destiny were positive and full of enthusiasm for what the final product would offer. Bungie’s biggest release ever and the new era of consoles first superstar title… we can not wait!

  • Going to be an insanely expensive month!

    Destiny & Middle Earth are for sures.. FIFA and NHL are still up in the air. I just never play racing games long enough to warrant a purchase, although they’re always fun for a few weeks!

  • John Madden

    “Sorry Madden fans”? FIFA outsells Madden 5 to 1, there’s no reason to apologize.

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      Hahaha…. I know this but they’re a finicky bunch. Gotta placate them a little.