Six Reasons You Will Love Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer Game


With almost 3-years of development time with the game, the table is set for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to make a big splash on next gen platforms. The excuses for not having enough time to work on the next gen hardware won’t wash with anyone. After what many have called a down year for the Call of Duty franchise with Ghosts, Activision needs their king of shooters to regain some of that prize fighting form it has apparently lost over the past couple of years. Many believe Sledgehammer is the team to do it. I consider myself one of those believers.

The new exoskeleton player movement mechanics has been hyped up quite a bit but with good reason. Sledgehammer games built the entire multiplayer experience around it. In fact, gamers will also be able to use the exoskeleton abilities across the story mode, and co-op modes. So yeah it’s a massive part of the game. While it may seem like the exoskeleton abilities would be a no-brainer to make this list, I am not going to include it. Instead I will focus on some of the smaller more significant changes coming down the pipe when the game drops in November. It is these changes CoD fans who have logged in more hours online than I have on the crapper that will surely put a smile on their faces.

So here we go, in addition to the exoskeleton player movement mechanics here are six reasons why CoD fans are going to love Advanced Warfare:

Call of Duty Loot System

Customization remains a key component of the CoD multiplayer experience and Advanced Warfare is no different. For instance, there is a new reward system called “supply drop” which is essentially CoD’s new loot system. Yes a loot system is now part of the game; how cool is that? This new system rewards players for time spent playing online and for completing in-game challenges. Things like weapon loot, character gear and reinforcements can all be unlocked with supply drops. The traditional CoD XP system remains in-tact; however, the supply drops adds just one more element to that ever-so-addictive ranking up system that exists with CoD multiplayer.

Pew, Pew… Hope You Like Guns

If you thought previous Call of Duty games had a lot of weapons, get ready to be overwhelmed. Advanced Warfare will feature weapon loot that is made up of custom weapons. Each weapon features 10-custom options where cosmetics and attributes vary. This translates into nearly 350 custom weapons out of the box. As always you will still be able to customize your weapon with attachments. Additionally, through supply drops you can receive elite weaponry which instantly makes you the badass on the play field. Rest assured the development team has spent a significant amount of time balancing the weapons so for you keyboard warriors out there who lose your mind when a weapon seems slightly overpowered, keep your panties on… that won’t happen with Advance Warfare when it drops in November.

These Weapons Have “Lasers”

All your standard assault rifles, SMG’s, shotguns and sniper rifles return; however, there are new directed energy weapons added to the mix. These weapons are apparently based on actual research and prototypes the development team have seen. For instance, in the heavy weapons group there is an EM1 which builds up heat and doesn’t consume ammo. It then releases a strong laser like heat fire blast on the enemy. It doesn’t rely on reloads but instead just overheats after too much activity. It takes some getting used to but in action is quite fun and I certainly see the developer’s Dead Space influence with the EM1.

Not Pick 10, 11, or 12 but Say Hello to Pick 13

Black Ops 2 featured a Pick 10 perk system and everyone loved it. Advanced Warfare has upped the ante introducing a Pick 13 perk system. Pick 13 takes everything CoD fans loved about Pick 10 and allows you to select three more items for your create-a-class character, including scorestreaks. Yes scorestreaks are back and can be customized and upgraded using a module. For instance, at a cost you can rip the head off a turret and carry it into battle. I never got a chance to actually play with the modules or new mechanic but the idea is certainly fascinating and well the demo video for this particular weapon was menacing. As Condrey and Schofield mentioned at the Advanced Warfare preview event, it is all about customizing and playing the way you want to play.

Virtual Firing Range

Have you ever wanted to know what a weapon is like before you take it out on the battlefield? Advanced Warfare introduces a new virtual firing range where you can test guns out in between multiplayer matches. No longer do you have to sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting in the lobby for your game to start. Now you can take your primary weapon for a spin in the virtual lobby which is quite cool. The mere fact I no longer have to blindly jump into a map without testing a custom loadout first is just awesome. I found this particularly useful when trying out the many sight attachments available. It is just a great way to test drive your weapon and get the most out of your pick-13 system.

Speaking of Virtual, Check Out The Lobby

Another new addition is the personalized lobby. For the first time you can showcase your character in a virtual lobby. For all of you who have spent time customizing and tweaking your character, you can now show off your character and all the shit you have earned in the personalized lobby. All of your hard work, XP Progression and Supply Drop rewards will be prominently displayed for all to see. In the Virtual Lobby you can quickly see everyone’s character in all their glory in-between matches.