COG’s Definitive List of Xbox One Games for 2014 – Part 1


Ok, so you’ve played Ryse, beat Assassin’s Creed  4, raced as much as you care to race in Forza and you hate soccer so you’re giving Fifa a pass… now what the hell are you supposed to do with that shiny Xbox One console? Don’t fret gamers, we might be going through the post launch lull but there is plenty to look forward to for 2014. Take a look at this comprehensive list of upcoming games for the first six months or so of 2014 on your Xbox One. Be sure to keep your eyes out for part two where we dive into Q3, Q4 and some games with dates yet to be announced.


Not necessarily the big Halo debut gamers expected on the Xbox One sure but Spartan Assault is a fun, third person, top down shooter set in the Halo universe. Originally released for Windows phone it gets the twin stick shooter treatment and will be available for download for $15 just before Christmas. Developed by 343 Industries and Vanguard Entertainment this could be just what the Halo fan in your life needs to hold them off until next gen Halo really arrives.


There’s not a lot of information out there on this one but to the best of our knowledge this is a Kinect controlled interactive television show with everyone’s favourite Rabbids characters from Ubisoft. Billed as a party game we haven’t heard much since its announcement at E3. Regardless, for the kids in your household this will likely be an entertaining title, or a great babysitter, not that we condone that sort of thing.


Tomb Raider was originally released back in March of 2013 and is a solid candidate for many game of the year lists. Mixing gorgeous graphics, a fantastic origin story, superb gameplay and the best Lara Croft voice work ever this title gets the next-gen upgrade for the Xbox One. Including all previously released DLC and upgraded visuals this is one for those that might have missed it the first time around as well as fans of the 360 version.


PopCap games brings its wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise to the Xbox One in spectacular third person shooter fashion. One of the most surprising and amusing reveals at this year’s E3, Garden Warfare hopes to catch on to the console crowd with this vibrant looking cooperative multiplayer title.

THIEF – FEB 25, 2014

The forefather of stealth games is making its triumphant return to an eager gaming populace. Arguably one of the biggest inspirations for games like Assassin’s Creed or Dishonored it’s set to make a splash on to consoles late in Feb next year. Garrett, the master thief, is back after a nearly 10yr absence from gaming and the hype train has hit breakneck speeds. One of the most hotly anticipated games of next year.


A gorgeous and extremely fun to play title from the past gen gets its next gen upgrade. Addictive gameplay, unending collectibles and stunning backdrops make this one worth checking out if you gave it a pass in 2013.

TITANFALL – MAR 11, 2014

For many gamers March 11th can’t come too soon. One of the premier exclusive Xbox One titles announced at E3 (over 60 awards won at the show don’t forget), Titanfall brings mechs and frantic online multiplayer, first person shooting to drooling gamers worldwide. Definitely one of the most wanted games for 2014 there’s no denying that Respawn and Electronic Arts have a lot of high expectations to meet with this bad boy. COG’s own EiC The Outcast even thinks that Titanfall could challenge CoD, check that article out here: 7 Reasons Why Titanfall Could be the Game to Challenge Call of Duty

D4 – Q1 2014

Another title that was revealed at the Microsoft press event at E3 this past year D4 stands for ‘Dark Dreams Don’t Die’. It is an episodic horror game where the gamer is put in the shoes of a private eye whose wife has been murdered. With an ability to travel through time he sets out to prevent her murder from ever happening. It makes use of the Kinect with some gesture and voice controls but to what extent we obviously don’t know. This is another one where there hasn’t been a whole lot of information since its reveal but is still worth keeping an eye on.


Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason is currently available on your Xbox One showcasing the wave racing event. The full title, upon release, will include bowling, rock climbing, soccer, target shooting and tennis. A lot of people remain very skeptical about the Kinect system so we’re sure there are high hopes being pinned on this one. Worth keeping an eye on if only to encourage lazy gamers to get up off their couch and have some interactive fun.


One of the best single player RPG experiences makes the jump to the world of MMO. Not only that it does it on consoles too which is a realm very rarely explored by the genre. We got some play time in with this one back in May and at E3 and it’s shaping up to be an amazing experience. Feel free to check out our preview and then mark June on your calendar for the full release.

UFC 2014 – Q2 2014

Taking over the reins from the now defunct THQ it would seem like EA has some big shoes to fill with this game. EA Sports MMA was a good introduction but now they’re playing with the big boys. One of the fastest growing sports in the world both in viewership and participation there are a lot of people excited to get their paws on UFC 2014. Rumoured to be out early May with Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Alexander ‘The Mauler’ Gustafsson gracing the cover, ladies and gentlemen…. IT’S TIME!


Project Spark is the epitome of ambition in gaming. Essentially it is a game creator that allows people to make up their own games and movies or other content to be shared and modified amongst their fellow gamers. Utilizing every input from mouse and keyboard on PC to SmartGlass on your tablet gamers will be able to create worlds with ease. Perhaps a niche market that only the most creative of gamers will care to dive into Project Spark looks to be one of the more unique and interesting titles of early 2014.

WATCH DOGS – Q2 2014

Gamers everywhere were extremely disappointed when they learned that what would have likely been the best new IP at launch had been delayed into 2014. Watch_Dogs had received plenty of attention at E3 and gamers were frothing at the mouth to dive into future Chicago with Aiden Pearce. Sadly Ubisoft chose to hold off on release and give the game more polish. Despite the disappointment it’s not necessarily a bad thing that more time is being taken to deliver the best game possible. We got a solid look at what Ubisoft has in store during an exclusive preview back at E3 and we have no doubt that Watch_Dogs will deliver.


Serving as a standalone prologue for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes is a stealth action-adventure game coming sometime in the spring of 2014. Taking place in 1975 players will take Snake to a military black site in Cuba called Camp Omega.


It seems as if LEGO can do no wrong when it comes to their game franchises (well aside from LEGO Friends perhaps) and with The Hobbit they aren’t likely to go wrong now. Obviously based on the movie trilogy brick builders can get their hands on this one sometime in the second quarter of 2014.

DESTINY – SEPT 9, 2014

Quite possibly the most anticipated title on this list Destiny is the brainchild of Bungie Studios and probably has the most hype of any game on this list as well. A lot of gamers are more than a little excited to dive into this one. In fact our own MRBIGCAT thinks enough of the game to wonder if it could possibly be the biggest new IP launch of all-time! An open world, first person shooter and RPG rolled up into one sci-fi epic. Yeah, we know that a September release date isn’t quite in the first six months of the year but we wanted to end with a bang!

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