Diving Headfirst: 5 Tips for Players Looking to Get into Classic RPGs

5 Tips for Players Looking to Get into Classic RPGs

My absolute favorite video games are role-playing games, but my only experience with such are the slick and modern single-player titles. So while I love the AAA Elder Scrolls and Mass Effects alike, I recognize that there is a whole other world I am missing. This is, of course, the old-school classic RPGs that started it all, from Diablo to Baldur’s Gate. Currently in Early Access, I found Divinity: Original Sin II to be my perfect entry into the classic RPG scene and I picked up a few tips too.


1 – Don’t be Intimidated

Old-school RPGs have the reputation of being tactically challenging and uncompromising, but easier difficulties and tutorials are there for a reason! Take your time learning the combat and the complex systems of the game. We are diving into classic RPGs in the age of walkthroughs and guides, so if you’re ever stuck or frustrated, take a step back and coast the internet for some tips.

Classic RPGs Baldurs Gate


2 – Character Creation

Character creators are getting more and more elaborate these days (I’m looking at you, Black Desert Online). Check out each option and try a class you wouldn’t normally play or find something you’re familiar with. I usually choose to play as a rogue in Dragon Age, so in Divinity: Original Sin II, I chose it again as my stepping stone. Here’s to my next character, a battlemage!

Classic RPGs Dragon Age

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