Erin Castillo

A recent graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley, Erin works in the criminal justice field. Her free time involves cuddles from her cats and the consumption of geek culture. From video games to movies and from books to the occasional anime binge, there are never enough hours of the day for it all. While new to the gaming industry in a writing capacity, Erin has been playing video games on various platforms/consoles for over 10 years. She will play anything but spends majority of her time playing RPGs, puzzle and strategy games, and First Person Shooters.

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Top 5 Video Games Arriving in October 2019

As we inch closer to the holiday season the biggest video game releases of the year are right around the corner and October has a ton to get excited about. While it was difficult to choose the best ones arriving in October 2019, we’ve done exactly that and found the top 5 games coming your way.