Hey PC Gamers: Get Vampyr and a Far Cry Compilation Bundle for Cheap Right Now

Vampyr heads up this week’s list of PC game deals to jump on

If you’ve had your eye on Vampyr, one of the most anticipated upcoming games, now might be a good time to pre-purchase it. Steam has it at 10% off right now, which might be the best deal you get for while. There’s also other great titles on sale at Amazon and Steam too, so check out our complete list below!

Top Amazon PC Game Deals

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Top Steam PC Game Deals

Top PC Accessories Deals

And did you get a chance to see our PS4, Xbox One and Switch deals yet? No?! Dear Lord, what happened? Well, nothing we can’t fix – just click on this link right away; there’s still time to save big but it’s running out fast! See you next week eh!