Pokemon Quest Coming To Switch Right Now

Pokemon As Collectible Cubes

Along with the major Pokemon announcement in the form of two new versions of the original games, we also got Pokemon Quest. Unlike the other two titles, this one was released the moment it was announced. Of course, it’s also a free to play Switch title that absolutely belongs on mobile.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is the full mobile cash-grab experience, just in case Pokemon fans were missing out on that critical element of gaming in the modern era. You’ve got energy timers, countless collectibles that probably don’t do anything, cute graphics and an incredibly simple control interface. Combat happens more or less automatically. If you want, you could just turn this on and get a sandwich or something. How convenient!

Like all good mobile cash grabs, it starts out super easy and slowly ramps up in difficulty. Speaking of slow, the energy recharge is agonizing in this game. Assuming gameplay progresses at the usual mobile rate, you can probably get in 10 to 15 minutes of game time before you have to hang back or pony up the dough. Although, full disclosure, I only played long enough to discern what sort of game the Pokemon company had dropped in our laps. It’s possible Pokemon Quest ISN’T a soulless cash-grab, but I didn’t play long enough to confirm. If you’re curious about it yourself, you can download it right this second on the Nintendo Switch.