New Elder Scrolls: Legends Expansion Take Us Back to Morrowind With 140 New Cards

New Elder Scrolls: Legends Expansion Adds All Kinds of Goodies

The memorable lands of Morrowind make their return in a new Elder Scrolls: Legends expansion called Houses of Morrowind, adding more than 140 new cards including all-new three-attribute cards, new abilities and keywords, increased maximum deck sizes, new puzzles, card backs, and much more.

Check out all the brand new additions contained in The Houses of Morrowind below:

  • Three-attribute cards: For the first time, create decks using up to three attributes instead of two. Each of the five three-attribute factions not only creates new deckbuilding possibilities, but also come with their own distinctive playstyle.
  • Ash Creatures: Intimidating monstrosities hailing from deep within the Red Mountain, some of which lend their true strengths to players that control creatures with 5 or more power.
  • Gods: Call mighty beings to your aid, such as Vivec or the vengeful Dagoth Ur.
  • New Keyword – Rally: Buff creature cards in your hand whenever a Rallying creature attacks, paving the way for stronger and stronger allies to join your ranks.
  • New Keyword – Betray: Actions with Betray can be played twice. To play a copy of a Betray action, you’ll have to sacrifice one of your own creatures!
  • New Keyword – Plot: Cards with the Plot keyword have a special ability that triggers if you already played another card that turn. Splash in a few inexpensive cards (or ones that put new cards into your hand) and your Plot will come to fruition in no time!
  • New Keyword – Exalt: Creatures with Exalt function like any normal card. Invest a little extra magicka when playing them, however, and they can come out stronger than before! On top of that, “Exalted” creatures also help trigger powerful abilities of other cards.

Houses of Morrowind also includes new puzzles, preset scenarios the player must beat within given parameters such as winning the game within a single turn. There are three sets of 10 puzzles: Caius’ Training, Naryu’s Challenges, and Divayth Fyr’s Trials. Caius’ Training is free to all players, while Naryu’s Challenges and Divayth Fyr’s Trials are available for purchase in the store for $9.99 or 1500 gold each. Completing the 10 puzzles in a set rewards players with 5 Houses of Morrowind packs, 100 Soul Gems, and a special card back unique to that set!

Players looking to get a head start on their Houses of Morrowind collection can purchase the official starter pack from the in-game store, containing 10 Morrowind packs, a unique title, and one bonus Legendary card from Houses of Morrowind all for $4.99.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now available worldwide on Android, iOS, Steam, PC, and Mac and the new Elder Scrolls: Legends expansion Houses of Morrowind is available for $4.99.

What are your favorite strategies in The Elder Scrolls: Legends?  Which ones are you looking forward to in this latest expansion? 

Source: Press Release