H1Z1 Is Coming to PS4 in May

 A Closed Beta Is Planned for the PS4 Version

H1Z1, a free-to-play online battle royale game, is coming to the PlayStation 4 as an closed beta on May 22nd. The official trailer for the PS4 version can be viewed below!

This console version is specifically designed for the PS4 and includes a new weapon and gameplay progression system, re-designed UI and HUD, new weapons, new gear and a reworked loot system and inventory management. The gas and airdrops system of the game have also both been changed. Notably, the crafting system has been removed.

Tony Morton, the game’s Lead Combat and Systems Designer, explained in an interview that the game’s developers at Daybreak Games wanted to refine and streamline the game for consoles.


“We didn’t want to just straight port it, because there are a lot of aspects of [H1Z1] that just didn’t feel at home on the controller,” Morton explained. “Nobody ever gets excited about diving through inventory, especially when you’re in combat. The removal of inventory management, the removal of crafting, salvaging, reworking how the loot system works; all of these were cognizant ideas around ‘what do we need to do to preserve the core feeling of H1Z1 and just make it feel good on a controller?'”

Morton also said that a lot of the current footage for the PS4 version of H1Z1 is pre-alpha and that, on the PS4 Pro, H1Z1 is locked at 60fps while on the original PS4 its locked at a minimum of 45fps. Other console versions of H1Z1 could also be in the works, said Morton.

“H1Z1 on PS4 is true battle royale mayhem. We have reimagined the game for PlayStation 4 and have designed it to accentuate the essentials of battle royale that make the genre so exciting to watch and play,” said H1Z1’s producer, Terrence Yee. “We have added key gameplay differentiators to keep the game frantic and fun – an action shooter’s dream of fast-paced battle royale.”

PS4 players can sign up for the closed beta of the game here.

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SOURCES: Press Release and Wccftech.