The First Witcher Game Is Currently Free on GOG

You Just Have to Sign Up for a Newsletter!

The first Witcher game is currently being offered for free on GOG but there’s one thing you have to do first: sign up for GOG’s newsletter.

the witcher

I know what you’re thinking: Is signing up for yet another newsletter that could clog up your inbox really worth getting a free game that initially came out a decade ago?

Well, the edition of the game that GOG is offering for free is the Enhanced Edition, which has several new features that aren’t found in the original release of the game. For this edition of the game, CD Projekt Red re-recorded over 5,000 lines of dialogue in English, improved the inventory system, fixed the technical issues found in the original game and even added two new quests for Geralt to undertake.

This edition also includes an improved version of the game’s mission editor.

You’ll also get a free Gwent Card Keg if you subscribe to the newsletter.

If you’re not interested in GOG’s offer then the Enhanced Edition costs $9.99 on GOG.

So, are you going to get the first Witcher game for free? Have you ever played the first game before? if so then what did you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!