Square Enix Drags Their Players Outside for April Fool’s

Get Out Of The House With FFXIV Online GO

Ah, the April Fool’s prank. At some point, gaming companies the world over decided this was an opportunity to show off their skills in composing the most elaborate nonsense for this bizarre holiday. This year, Square Enix brought us a delightful video lampooning the blistering success of Pokemon GO.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO April Fool's

Okay, so this is a little late to the AR gaming party, but Square Enix gets many bonus points for their masterful execution. The video, embedded below, shows off the natural evolution of AR games when all pretense of common sense is dropped. Feel free to skip the rest of this article to watch it!

Alright, so assuming you’ve stopped reading by this point, let’s get into the nitty and also the gritty of the traditional April Fool’s prank. What’s considered too far? Permanent physical or psychological scarring seems like a good line in the sand, unless the victim receives said scars through the vigorous application of whipped cream. In that case, how much whipped cream is too much? I’m considering the construction of a light rail gun-type apparatus for next year, something that can deliver several tons of dessert topping to a target over thirty miles away. Is it still a prank if the target’s house is obliterated in a tsunami of Cool Whip? How many other houses can be lost to collateral damage before I’ve gone too far? Anyways, the following video is absolutely not a real thing, in case you were hoping to start smashing your smartphone against a rock for in-game bonuses.