Blow in the Cartridge: Coke Found in NES Cartridge

Games Can Get Some People High on Their Experience, but This Takes It Too Far

Video games serve many joyful purposes. They bring people together, they let you live vicariously through fantastic characters, and allow you to channel stress. Apparently, they also let you smuggle drugs if the latest news beat is any indication. One NES collector found what turned out to be cocaine in his cartridges.

NES Golf Game Code Switch

Julian Turner, a collector of retro video games, returned from his time at the flea market to review his haul. He noticed that two of his games, Rollergames and Golf, felt heavier than they ought to be. He even weighed them and compared them to other NES copies he had on hand. Turns out, they were 50% heavier. Being an individual prone to opening up and fixing video games, he checked the inside of each. Imagine his face when he witnessed two shiny plastic bags.

Turner immediately called the cops. Actually, he opened the bags first to see what was being smuggled through Old NES games. And the Newnan Police Department eventually arrived to review the mysterious stash. Policeman investigated, they checked the flea market, and it eventually became clear that the drugs were not smuggled recently. You can view a time lapse from Turner’s video below.

It is worth noting, too, that the Rollergames copy was a PAL (European/Australian) copy, which is a strange thing to find in Georgia. Turner also knew that such games have been used for smuggling. Looking around online, he found a similar case to his, except instead of drugs in the cartridges the buyer found rolled up bills.

Since the cocaine had been in the cartridges for a while, the games may have been party to a smuggling operation or some kind of drug dealer standoff in the 1980s. The story those games could tell, it would definitely be more interesting than the story of a person’s walls. This sounds similar to a more recent circumstance where a buyer found drugs in a copy of GTA V. Let us know your thoughts on this bizarre situation. What would you have done if you found actual blow while trying to blow the cartridge? Comment down below.