Check out This New ‘The Good Life’ Gameplay from Swery

The Eccentric Developer Recently Demoed ‘The Good Life’

Last month, a Kickstarter campaign for “The Good Life“, an open-world action-adventure RPG, launched and the game’s lead developer, Hidetaka Suehiro (also known as “Swery65”), demoed the game recently. You can view the demo in the YouTube video below!

The Good Life is about a photographer from New York City named Naomi who has to move to a small English town known as Rainy Woods in order to pay off a debt she owes. In order to do so, Naomi has to work by taking photos that she can make money off of. Naomi will also have to report on the ongoings of the town for a New York-based newspaper company called “Morning Bell”.

Throughout the video, Suehiro explains how the game’s photography system works. Naomi can gain income if she posts photos on an in-game website called “Flamingo”. The photos that get “likes” from the site’s users will award Naomi with money that she can put towards her debt. You can take photos of any random object or person in the game and post them to Flamingo for likes.

However, if players want a better chance at gaining more money then they’ll have to check Flamingo for which popular topics or “hashtags” are trending and then take a photo of that popular subject.

Suehiro also showed some of the sidequests that players can undertake in The Good Life during his demo. Players will be able to also earn money by completing sidequests, Suehiro explained.

There also appear to be dialogue choices in the game, according to the demo that was shown.

As of writing, the Kickstarter campaign for The Good Life has only received $284,708 of its $634,023 goal. The Kickstarter only has 18 days left to meet its funding goal.

The Good Life currently has a Q3 2019 release date and is planned to be developed for the PC and PS4. It’ll cost $29 on PC and $39 on PS4.