Yonder Making It’s Way to Switch Soon

More Portable Farming Fun For Everyone

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is coming to the Nintendo Switch! That’s right, it’s time for that ever-popular news segment, the Great Nintendo Absorption! Today’s entry in Nintendo’s slow, steady devouring of all things indie is a delightful farming sim. We liked it when it first came out, but its it a good fit for Nintendo’s console?

Yonder ins1

Ha! That’s a trick question. Every game is apparently a good fit for Nintendo’s portable hybrid. At least, all of them will fit inside their ever-expanding digital library. To catch you up, Yonder takes place on an island known as Gemea. Here you’ll spend all your time farming, helping out the citizens and admiring the delightful visuals.

There’s also fishing, crafting, cooking and brewing to keep you busy. There’s no combat whatsoever, though. So you’re in no danger of getting your blood up, but maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for? If you just want to relax in a manner most portable, the Cloud Catcher Chronicles might be perfect for you. Sadly, the release date for the Nintendo Switch version hasn’t been pinned down yet. Fingers crossed we’ll be waist-deep in charming island busywork soon.

SOURCE: Press Release