Weird Final Fantasy Mobile Game Still Chugging Along

Final Fantasy Mobius Getting A New Event For January

Whether or not you fully realize it, the market in Japan for Final Fantasy mobile games is ravenous. They may not capture the same market attention here, but games like Mobius Final Fantasy still have a stable foothold even in North America. In fact, Square Enix is kicking off 2018 with a week-long event for that very game.

So, what’s all coming this week in terms of content? The full details are listed below:

-Supreme Card Lineup: Lucky fans have the chance to summon Supreme cards that feature iconic characters from classic FINAL FANTASY titles with some of the game’s strongest abilities, including Aerith with the Great Gospel ability from FINAL FANTASY VII, Duncan with the Phantom Rush ability from FINAL FANTASY VI, and more.
-Ultimate Heroes Lineup: Lightning with the Ranger job type and Cloud join the permanent roster of Ultimate Heroes that may be summoned.
-Palamecian New Dawn 2018: To celebrate the new year, a new region, “Palamecian New Dawn 2018” has been unlocked for all players. Through this new time-limited region, players can get free summons, a chance to obtain magicite and other rewards. All players who visit this region will also receive an adorable new year themed Echo companion spirit.
-New Job: The all-new Ninja job card will be permanently included in the game’s summoning lineup.
New Boosted Ability Cards: The Mist Dragon, Prometheus, Omniscient, and Chocobo Saint ability cards are now permanent additions to the game’s summoning lineup.
-FINAL FANTASY RECORD KEEPER Collaboration Card: In a new game collaboration, players can now summon one of eight event-exclusive FINAL FANTASY RECORD KEEPER cards as a bonus each time a Greater Summon is performed. Tyro returns a guest card, and each player will receive a “Dr. Mog” card just for logging in.

Other MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY festivities continue in January with the following updates:
-Bahamut Lagoon: Beginning January 11, players can explore the Bahamut Lagoon isles where the Sicariuses slumber, and defeat them for the chance to obtain ★5 fractal cards.
-Mobius Days on January 8, 18 and 28: Days in January that end with “8” bring forth a bounty of bonuses, including an extra 88 stamina upon first login, double stamina from elixirs, 20% greater fusion success rates, special gifts and much more.
-Hall of Fame Additions: Fans can obtain the true power of the Red Mage starting January 9, experience the overwhelming offensive ability of the Samurai on January 16, and transform into a breaker with the Assassin on January 23.

Hot damn! That’s a ton of stuff happening for a free game! Personally, I’ve done my very best to swear off freemium mobile games. I have a terrible propensity towards time-wasting and this one seems like a perfect example of that. But, hey! New year, new me, right? The Summon Festival runs from now until January 5th, 2018.

SOURCE: Press Release