The Super Fast and Super Hard Furi Is Coming to Switch in Early 2018

Furi on Switch Will Be Feature Parity With the Other Versions

The fast-paced, boss-fight centric action game, Furi, is coming to the Nintendo Switch in early 2018, the developers announced.

With its stylish character design from Takashi Okazaki (the creator of Afro Samurai) and thumping electronic soundtrack, Furi is all about intense “one-on-one fights against imposing opponents over a mysterious quest for freedom.” With its unique blend of sword fighting and twin-stick shooting, it sounds like this will be a great fit for the Switch hardware.

“Furi is a game that’s constantly taunting you,” comments Emeric Thoa the game Creative Director. “There is something deeply personal about a boss fight: it’s just you against one opponent. And being interrupted is even more frustrating than losing. But with the Switch, you can take the game and all of its boss fights with you wherever you go.”

The Switch version will also be feature-complete meaning it’ll be identical to the versions on PS4, Xbox One, and PC — updates and all.

Furi Top Screen

When we reviewed the game in July, we called it “a pulse-pounding, addicting, stylish action experience” and awarded it a 75/100. Below is a snippet from our review.

“Centered around intense boss fights and bursting with style, Furi offers those players looking for an arcade-like challenge a unique, and at times exhilarating experience. The expositional scenes could use a hefty trim but Furi shines where it counts with relentlessly fast-paced fun and satisfying action.”

Will you play Furi on the Switch when it releases next year? Let us know in the comments section.

SOURCE: Press Release