The Legend of Zelda’s Symphony of the Goddesses Concert Is Back in North America

Coming Soon to a City Near You

Perhaps you, the Zelda fan with a terribly busy schedule, haven’t had the chance to attend the incredible Symphony of the Goddesses concert before now? Well, great news! In just a couple of weeks, the show will be in North America for a number of additional dates, giving fans another chance to┬ábask in its orchestrated glory.

Symphony of the Goddesses Concert

This two hour performance is brought to life with a 66-piece orchestra and a 24-person choir, lending the appropriate level of gravitas and scale to the songs of the Zelda franchise. The arrangements are chosen from the more recent entries in the series, with a brand new composition in rotation for Breath of the Wild. Of course, there’s also nods to the more monumental games from the previous generations, like Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past. The whole sweeping performance will be bolstered by a gigantic video montage playing behind the orchestra and choir.

The tour’s first stop in North America will be on November 30th in Vancouver, British Columbia. From there the show is heading to Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal. Then it’s off to Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City. All told, there are plenty of chances left to see this celebration of the Legend of Zelda series. Tickets can be purchased here.

SOURCE: Press Release