Shovel Knight Switch Version Sold Like Hotcakes

Shovel Knight Switch Sales Were ‘Best Out of the Gate’ Compared to Other Platforms

It turns out that Indie games can do really well on the Nintendo Switch. Yacht Club learned this recently, as the Shovel Knight Switch version ended up selling best out of the gate compared to the other platforms. Pretty impressive when you consider how many platforms Shovel Knight is available on.

Shovel Knight Switch Version King Knight

Okay, full disclosure: ‘best out of the gate’ doesn’t mean anything like total or lifetime sales. It’s quite possible that other platforms may yet hold the highest sales figures for Shovel Knight. But, the initial sales on the Nintendo Switch were the highest so far, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Part of this was likely due to Specter of Torment being a timed exclusive for Nintendo’s newest system. Even having the game for as little as a month is enough to give the Switch a definitive edge. This, when combined the Switch’s inherent hotness and/or newness, was enough to ensure Shovel Knight’s Switch sales were pretty healthy. It seems likely that other indie games will find similar success on the Nintendo Switch, given Nintendo’s sizable push to make their system indie-friendly.