The Well Is a New VR Game From the Makers of Evolve and Left 4 Dead

Releasing on Samsung Gear VR Next Week

Turtle Rock Studios, the developers behind popular shooters Evolve and Left 4 Dead, have announced their next game. It’s called The Well and it’s described as being a fantasy turn-based RPG with a “storybook art style” and a “dark, dreamlike atmosphere.”

The Well will be released on the Samsung Gear VR and isn’t the first VR game from the studio. Other VR games include Face Your Fears, Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, and Otherworlds but The Well is certainly the company’s most ambitious.

“The Well is not only our most ambitious VR title to date, it is our most unique,” explained Steve Goldstein, Turtle Rock GM. “We’re excited to create a new, original fantasy world unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it’s specifically crafted for the Gear VR platform. It’s not just a fun game, it’s beautiful. Gear VR is a medium that allows us to push the creative envelope and bring to life games we never thought possible.”

Below is the full synopsis of The Well taken from the website:

“Explore Tholl, a world beyond your imagination! On this fantastic planet, peaceful villagers live in harmony while barbaric tribes keep to their wilderness. Into this world where nothing changes arise the Tesh, a demonic force bent on destruction. The Oracle summons YOU to Keep the Balance. You must recruit allies, brave the wilderness, explore the mysteries of Tholl and defeat the Tesh before they unmake the world!

The World of Tholl is vast and ancient, with many mysteries. Not everything is what it seems. There are secrets scattered throughout the world that reward you with items and gold. Exploring, recruiting new companions and finding all the world’s secrets provides hours of gameplay.”

The Well VR main

The Well is slated to be released on October 11 and will cost only $10 USD. It will also be playable at the Oculus Connect event this year.