Knight Terrors Coming to the Switch in Time for Halloween

Slashing and Dashing Monsters Forever

Looking for something scary for the Nintendo Switch this Halloween?  How about something super challenging? Well, Knight Terrors might be what you’re looking for, unless you answered no to one or both of those questions. Nicalis and FreakZone Games are releasing this side-scrolling slasher/dasher just in time for the spooky season.

Knight Terrors

You play a suit of armour equipped with bat wings and a huge sword. You barrel through the procedurally generated stages, murdering everything in your path. If three enemies get by or you take three hits, you’re boned. There’s upgrades to unlock and an endless supply of slightly different stages to play.

There’s also multiple game modes to unlock and high scores to earn. All told, it looks like this one will get those hooks in fast, with a scant two buttons for the control scheme and a heightened level of tension right from the beginning. There’s a trailer embedded below, which you may grind into paste and slide down your gullet at your leisure. If nothing else, those chiptune beats are a perfect complement to all that pixelated monster murder.

SOURCE: Press Release