Two Students Create the Most Stunning Fantasy PvP You’ve Ever Seen

A New eSports Title Now on Kickstarter

A Fantasy eSports game the likes of which you have never seen. Two computer science students are hard at work to deliver the most competitive game of mages ever seen. Every gamer with an affinity for RPGs and magic will want to take one, two, three looks at Arena of Ares.

Available on Kickstarter, Arena of Ares pits two players against each other in arena combat. With amazing visuals, destructible environments, and elaborate gameplay design, players can customize their appearances and abilities the way few PvP games can. There are no heroes and no classes. The only kind of character you use is one you build on your own.

Arena of Ares has been specifically built to suit eSports players and lovers of RPG gameplay. With a third-person view, you rely on your special mix of spells and items to decimate your opponent with magic, and there are so many ways to do this. Types of abilities Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, and Defense spells.

Arena of Ares gameplay GIF showing destruction and telekinesis. There are no cooldowns in AoA, you have to manage your mana pool.

After a week on Kickstarter, at the time of this writing, the creators have met half their goal. But their stretch goal will help them hire more people (programmers, artists, etc) to improve every aspect of the experience. Moreover, the plan is to include brackets that truly facilitate competitive play. To learn more you can visit the game’s official website. To back their project, simply visit their Kickstarter page.

We look forward to witnessing this project develop after it reaches its goals. Check back for updates as they come our way. Until next time,

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release