Yakuza 6 Will Have a RTS Minigame Featuring New Japan Wrestlers

Yakuzas, Come Out to Play

It’s becoming an intriguing metagame keeping up with Yakuza series release schedule as the remake of the second game comes out this December while the Western port of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (aka the one with the baby) is out early next year. Anyway, Yakuza 6 has been out for Japan, but it’s still worthwhile to talk about some of the new features in the final chapter of the ever-stoic Kiryu Dojima. Yesterday, Sega posted on the PlayStation Blog about a new minigame, Clan Creator, that plays like an RTS game.

Yakuza 6

This game will have you fight for the streets with a gaggle of hired goons controlled by the game’s AI after players select their teams. While series favorites like Kiryu and Daigo can be used, Sega also mentions that we’ll get some New Japan Pro-wrestling talent like Kazuchika Okada too. You’ll be able to level up your hooligans too as certain leaders having special skills to heal or buff their bros. The game allows you to pit your teams against your friends’ gangs too for bragging rights. It’s a bit of a strange genre for a minigame, but the Yakuza series is no stranger to oddness.

Yakuza 6 releases next year for PS4 in the West on March 20, 2018.

Source: PlayStation Blog