Middle-Earth Shadow of War Presents the Warmonger Tribe

For a Game About War, You Want a Tribe That’s About War

Here’s another reveal for the Lord of the Rings-based IP. Warner Bros has brought us another orc collective for Middle-Earth Shadow of War’s haunting orc ecosystem. After presenting us with a variety of orcs tales and tribes, this new one is filled with ones literally itching for a fight. I’m talking about the Warmonger Tribe.

Shadow of War Top 2

There will be multiple tribes in Shadow of War, which makes for a lot of potential nemeses and plenty of ways to die. But you don’t fully get to enjoy the experience if you don’t die, so says Monolith. Every tribe has a way to kill you, and your job is to deftly navigate their weakness. Now, time to see what’s next.

Concerning the Warmonger Tribe, you can view the new trailer showcasing their bloodlust below.

As relayed in a press release, the Warmonger orcs relish the thought of combat, finding reverie in warfare. Therefore, you probably can’t find a better army to have at your back. However, they make also make the worst kind of enemies. Their only purpose in life is waging war and killing in the name of Sauron. Every tribe has a secret to being brought down, but Monolith Studios has designed them in such a way so as to make the war between orcs tricky.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War arrives for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on October 10. Expect more trailers and news in the days leading up to release. For past reveals, you have but to scroll below. Happy gaming.

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SOURCE: Press Release