Nintendo Still Uncertain About Switch Stock Leading up to the Holiday

Reggie Talks About Switch, Mobile, and VR

Not long ago we reported that Nintendo is looking to “ramp up” Switch stock in preparation for the Holiday season. The plan is to ensure there will be enough for people to go to their local WalMart, buy one, and stick it under their Christmas tree. Nintendo is certainly on track to hit their fiscal year goal of 10 million Switch units, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime still isn’t making any promises that there will be enough this Holiday.

Nintendo Switch main screen

Speaking during Variety’s Entertainment and Technology Summit on Thursday, Fils-Aime commented on the Switch stock shortage:

“Certainly the demand is there, and our supply chain is there,” he said. “[But] are we going to have enough for the holiday? That’s what we are focused on.”

A bit of non-answer, isn’t it? The main issue here is that Nintendo just can’t guarantee that there will be enough Switches out in the wild at the pace they’re manufacturing them now. Sure, supply will most likely be increased in time for Christmas; that much is a given but that’s pretty standard for any company during the Holiday rush. We’re putting it out there: it’s still going to be a challenge finding a Switch this Holiday, so start looking now!

Fils-Aime also took the time to talk about Nintendo’s mobile app business and reiterated that the company is still hoping to launch a minimum of two games a year. One particularly funny moment was when he was asked whether Nintendo may partner on movies and TV shows. “All of those options are potentially on the table,” he answered, before reminding people of the 1993 movie “Super Mario Bros.” “It may have the lowest Rotten Tomato score out there,” he joked.

It has a 15 percent, by the way. Sorry, Reggie. It’s low but not the lowest.

Lastly, Reggie also commented on Nintendo’s approach to VR, saying they are interested but don’t have any plans to jump all in yet. Right now, augmented reality is something they want to continue to explore especially with the success of Pokemon GO.

Let us know down below if you believe Nintendo will have enough Switches ready for Christmas.